Finding my Center

When I started this site, Gravity by John Mayer was a song that spoke to me because I wanted to touch the stars! With only one life to live, I didn’t want to look back and wonder what I missed out on, and how high I could reach.

I don’t have any additional pieces to add, for the time being, at least, but I like to keep my site in tact, as the story of journey I took. In many ways, the journey continues, but its a more spiritual one now.

I love this picture because it transcends all the different layers of the concept of “star”. Maybe I’m taking the concept too seriously here, but I did enjoy Chabot Space and Science Center immensely. Stars, literally, figuratively, and any way you want to see them, transcend our realities. I mean, we can survive with food, water, and warmth, but it’s the style in which we transcend our existence, that makes life meaningful.


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